"What a talented person you are, if only you were as good in Ping pong :-) Miss that wonderful time" in Puerto Vallarta" - Raymond Bouchayer

"LOVING THE MUSIC!!! I'm going to have some of this on repeat today." - Joyce C. 

"Wow I can't believe this is you! It's fantastic! Back to the Top is my favorite so far. Def should get your stuff in film and tv." - Darren 

"Sweet song. Well done." - Bill Elbring

"Hi, Denis. I don't recall as to whether I mentioned to you earlier or not that you are being acknowledged on the Acknowledgements Page of my latest childrens' book "The Duck Who Flew Upside Down" with this comment in the "Special Thanks" category: 
"Denis Loiseau for inviting me to co-write songs with him and in so doing became the spark that lit my creative candle." 
I plan to send a copy of the book to you when I receive it back from the publisher on around December 1. 
It is my fourth book. Four more books are at various stages of development. 
Thank you for inviting me to write a song with you." - Russ Towne

"Just traded emails with ... who sent me your web link. I recall you being a very talented musician in high school and glad to know you're still sharing your talents with the world big time! Let me know if you're ever in the L.A. area. All the best!" - Doug Haack

"I just spent thirty minutes with my eyes closed, leaning back, listening, and for that brief interlude the world was a better place." - Dave L.

"What a treat to be introduced to your music today. I will be back to hear more. The messages ring true and the melodies are hauntingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!" - Jan Beekman 

"...I listened to ALL your songs and loved them all. Hard to decide which one I liked best. The "I'm on empty" I have sent to a friend of mine, who is right now going through a very nasty divorce, I know she will very much identify with your words!! "I choose you" is beautiful in it's own way and of course, "unfinished business" reminded me of my father & brother and makes me wonder what unfinished business remains between the two of them and is now haunting my Dad. Your tribute 
to Charles Schulz is beautiful, I love the peanuts! Lastly, congratulations to the success of "Stomping grounds". If I had to pick a top favorite for me, it would have to be "Back to the top" - so much wisdom in the words!" - Helene S.

"Wow...I'm so impressed with your new song "Back To The Top"...it's great. I want to listen to it over and over again.. Great job truely. Can't wait to hear your next hit." - Kristi Weckerle

"re: Back To The Top - WAY TO GO, DENIS! I listened to it again. Man, I like that song and several of the lines in it are absolutely perfect, fresh, powerful, descriptive, concise, memorable, and unique. And the music is brooding and whispers "Watch your back!" PERFECT! Well done and congratulations!" - Russ Towne

"I just wanted to let you know that my mom passed along your latest song with Stomping Grounds- and I can't get enough of it (i have literally been listening to it on the way to work for the past couple weeks!!) I really like your style and can't wait to hear what you come up with next. I'll be following your website for new stuff..hope you and Susie are doing great." - Patrick S. 

"(Stomping Grounds) Love it, man! Great song -- the images are so easily visualized, and the music's fantastic. I love the 7/8 tempo -- gives it a sense train-on-the-tracks urgency. Glad to hear folks are expressing interest in it. Nice work, Denis." - Roth H

"LOVE Stompin' Grounds! I found myself movin' to the beat and tappin' my toe. How exciting to learn about the interest in Nashville. While I don't think you need it, GOOD LUCK! I can already hear it on the radio - fun to listen to and just a feel-good song. Also, really like the rock version of Paying the Toll. I think it flows better than the original version and sounds more current. You are a very talented guy big brother. So proud of you." - Michele

"I love Unfinished Business - universal theme. I'm On Empty should be pitched to a group like Heart. Who's Payin' the Toll has modern day message! Stompin' Grounds is going to be a hit! Way to go, Denis." - Mardi

"I LOVED "Stomping Grounds" & "I Choose you", and, of course,"Unfinished Business". The last one always brings tears to my eyes." - Dee

"Stomping Ground! Great visuals, great beat, I was there! Deserves to big a huge hit. I love the web site too!" - Robin

"Thanks for sharing your website. I LOVE "Stompin Ground", "Unfinished Business" makes me cry it is to touching, "I'm on Empty" also has great words and catchy tune, "I Choose You" WOW - what a romantic song, another winner. I wish you all the success with your music. Country music is my favorite to listen to. I will keep checking your website for new stuff. Oh Yeah,I also love the rugged look in your photo. Folks will never know that beneth that rugged look lies one of the kindest and generous men I have ever had the pleasure to know. You deserve all the success I hope comes your way." - Maggie H.

"We've both come a long way musically. It was great to play with you in the heydays of SFPD's RWS band. Getting photographed by Jim Marshall was a memory we will all treasure, now that he's passed on. It has been a pleasure working with you and Jeff on your songs. Looking forward to doing more studio work on the drums for you. I think we should spend a few weeks in Mismaloya and work on new tunes! Keep up the groove and keep in touch bro!" - Roland Tolosa 

"...sounds great! You guys have really hit your stride on this one. Great to know you are still working together, and with such great results. My best to you both." - Steve Rempe 

I love Stomping Grounds. Your imagery is terrific. That's one of the things I like about country - although I seldom listen to it. It's nice to not only be able to understand the words but to see the pictures and to be able to relate to them. I also found my toes tapping (probably not to the beat - but that's my problem). VERY COOL!" - John

"Barb and I really enjoyed your impromptu concert at Mismaloya last night. Well done!" - Harry Jaako

"I can really appreciate the regret that was reflected in your Unfinished Business. I have lost both of my parents and many days find me wishing I could have loved them better." - Jan Kellogg

"I really like Unfinished Business. . . It's really pretty and makes you think of a lot of stuff. I really like it, I'm gonna turn it down a little bit, I'm blasting everybody out here at work. . . It's great. I like it a ton. Good job for you, boy. That's nice. It's my favorite out of all of them. I listened to all of them on your website. I could see that one going gold. Good luck." - Kristi W. 

"Wow! I just got your message on my phone and listened to the MP3, i am VERY VERY VERY happy with the song [I'm On Empty]!! It really gave me and my friends goosebumps which was what i wanted I am so happy we both stuck it out and held out to make it that much better! I am also VERY excited that Becca liked the song and wants to sing it at her performances. . ." - Jenny Jones (cowriter)